Rooted & Risen Poetry Book

In March 2016, McLaughlin offered a special recital at the Scottish Rite Temple Theater in Santa Fe, NM to celebrate the launch of Rooted & Risen. See the full VIDEO above.


This début collection from Timothy P. McLaughlin chronicles an inspired intimacy with the still wild places and presences of Earth. Receiving McLaughlin’s poetry is akin to taking a long walk deep into the mountains, and into the self. AVAILABLE from Homebound Publications.

Praise for Rooted & Risen
“Here is a wide-hearted man utterly in love with the broad-limbed and leafing trunks, with the antlered powers and the rain-swollen clouds. On some nights the crescent moon pours an unseen wine into his chest, and he begins to sing. His songs are these poems.” 
—David Abram, author of Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology

“I love this collection—love the soul/heart’s evanescence flaking into stanzaic embodiments of bright effervescence to express our oneness, our beauty and fragility…”
—Jimmy Santiago Baca, author of Singing at the Gates

“For poetry to do its magic, it must give the reader room to move freely, to change, to see anew, to evoke a leap in the heart and an opening of the mind. McLaughlin offers all of the above—and more!”
—Fr. Richard Rohr, author of Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life

“McLaughlin beautifully shares his vision of our planet. His writing reflects his devotion to the Lakota way of living in harmony and communication with all forms of life. Mitakuye Oyasin.”
—Basil Brave Heart, Lakota elder and author of The Spiritual Journey of a Brave Heart

“More than a faithful record of moments of true seeing, these poems can turn into ceremonies…The book becomes almost a manual on how to go out into the natural world, empty yourself, and listen.”
—Morgan Farley, author of Name Yourself Feast


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