Sunday July 21, 2019, 4:00pm
Santa Fe Scottish Rite Theater
463 Paseo de Peralta

A recital to celebrate the release of Timothy P. McLaughlin’s second poetry collection of wild earth poetry. McLaughlin is widely known for his uniquely powerful style of embodied recitation. He will be accompanied on stage by singer Madi Sato, dancer Esme Olivia, and musician WalkingStar Martinez.

With SEEDS UNDER THE TONGUE, McLaughlin wields a boldly ecstatic voice to explore a confluence of themes: wanderings on the wild earth, relations with more-than-human presences, engagement with indigenous ceremony, reckoning with Catholicism, the swirl of young family life. These heart scores are delivered in a euphonic, incantatory brand of storytelling that delights and provokes at the depths.


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