Recitations & Concerts


Timothy P. McLaughlin during the “Poetry of Nature and Spirit” concert

Timothy reciting at the Poetry of Nature & Spirit concert

Poetry is, at first, a trace of beauty invisibly breathed in by the willing poet through a sublime and mysterious listening. To find life, a poem must then be breathed back out as honestly as possible: shaped into sounds, syllables, words, lines. And the inherent magic of any good poem can be rekindled time and time again through the voice as the language is vibrated in the chest, sculpted in the mouth, sent forth on the breath; and thus received as music in the ear and the body—a felt experience more than intellectual one. Spoken poetry is a profound ancient art that can deepen and enliven almost any occasion.

Timothy recites his poetry for all manner of events: conferences, seasonal festivals, spiritual services, blessing and other ceremonies, home celebrations, and more. He also offers concerts—often in collaboration with singers, musicians, and dancers and often in natural settings—that spin a powerfully vibrant and subtly entrancing tapestry of sound and silence, motion and stillness.

Please visit Timothy’s calendar to learn about upcoming appearances. To request a recitation for your special event or to schedule a concert, please contact Timothy through email.

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