PULSE OF THE SACRED Men’s Circle with poet Timothy P. McLaughlin

A circle of brothers gathered to practice the ancient arts of drumming, song, dance, and spoken prayer. This twice-monthly series offers men the opportunity to meet at the fireplace and explore—in word, sound, and movement—the basic truths of the male spirit, individually—as sons and fathers and partners to the feminine—and collectively—as brothers reclaiming our original wildness and essential power (both tragically suppressed and misaligned in modern society) in service to the earthly ecology. Men naturally long for, and greatly need, a sacred container, a consistent time and space devoted to nourishment of the soul at the deepest levels in order to return to the workplace, the home, and the self refreshed and awakened.

DATES: Jan 25, FEB 8 & 22, MAR 8 & 22, APR 5 & 19, MAY 3

Suggested Donation $200 for the season or $25 per session
For information, contact poet@timothypmclaughlin.com

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