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Fireplace in Timothy’s home sanctuary

Timothy & Madi’s fireplace

The sacred well of poetry holds countless gifts for any life. Drawing from this clear well consistently—as both a listener and a speaker of poetic texts—cleanses the mind, invigorates the body, and refreshes the soul. Increased fluency with poetry also beautifully transfigures our relationship with language: stills our verbose inner chatter, reintroduces breath and silence to our speaking and listening, awakens our senses to the harmonious voices of Nature and Spirit.

Timothy offers workshops in the embodiment of poems as a spiritual practice, helping people access, enjoy, and then share the blessing energies that live within inspired texts as well as explore the fullness of their truest spoken voice. He often works in partnership with his wife—singer and sound healer Madi Sato—combining songs, poems, and Earth-centered ritual in the effort to guide participants toward a more flowing, authentic, and enchanted experience of life, one more attuned to the rhythms and wisdom of the natural world.

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Radio Interviews with Timothy & Madi

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