Timothy P. McLaughlin is a poet, speaker, and coach. He served many years in native education and founded an indigenous youth spoken word program featured in the New York Times and on the PBS NewsHour. He is the editor of the anthology Walking on Earth & Touching the Sky and the producer of the poetry album and documentary film both titled Moccasins & Microphones. McLaughlin has created two collections of his own wild earth poetry: Rooted & Risen and Seeds Under The Tongue. He is perhaps best known for his powerful style of embodied poetry recitation and storytelling and his GREEN MAN Rewilding programs.

Raised with Catholicism, McLaughlin has followed a traditional Lakota spiritual path since early manhood. He and his wife, Madi Sato, are co-founders of PRAISING EARTH, an organization devoted to reestablishing traditions of song, story, dance and ritual to enliven all people’s essential belonging to earth. He lives beside the Santa Fe mountains with Madi and their three children.


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