GREEN MAN Sacred Rewilding Program
with Timothy P. McLaughlin and WalkingStar Martinez

A weeklong intensive for men called to reach into their soul depths and uncover a natural wild essence typically buried by the swirlings of modernity. Through immersion in nature, sessions of drumming-chant-dance, engagement with poetry and myth, firekeeping, earth-based ritual, and men’s council, the rewilded male waiting in each of us begins to show his face and open his voice. This program allows men to directly tend to their wounds of domestication and honor their longing for a refined wildness that holds the center where nature and culture meet. Over the week, men self-imagine their singular approach to living a more enlivened, embodied, open-hearted, expressed way on earth.

August 3-11, 2019
Ghost Ranch Wilderness Area, Abiquiu NM

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