Sound Harvest: Music, Song & Poetry for Mama Earth

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Vocals, Madi Sato
Poetry, Timothy P. McLaughlin
Guitar & Shamisen, Tom Berkes
Flute, Suzanne Teng
Cello, Michael Kott

Film Crew
Kermit Cole
Jason S. Ordaz

Medicine Songs
Adawee Invocation (Cherokee), lyrics Dhyani Ywahoo & melody Madi Sato
Om Ah Hung (Tibetan), traditional
Nibi Water Lullaby (Ojibwe), Dorene Day
Seed Song (Ainu), traditional
Keening Song (Irish), traditional
Fuji-San (Japanese), Ishikawa Jozan
Kaigara Bushi (Japanese), traditional
Ama Wado (Cherokee), Madi Sato

Invitation, Here, Waiting, Father & Sun, Trinity Well, Education
All poems by Timothy P. McLaughlin


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